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You can quickly and safely buy Razer Gold TL Pin from ByNoGame and use it in popular games such as PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, War Thunder and Bigo Live.

Razer Gold Pins cannot be purchased with Gift Card balances!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the Razer Gold Pin?
Razer Gold Pin, virtual card codes that have a certain monetary value and allow you to load this value into your Razer Gold account. You can purchase these pin codes to add credit to your Razer Gold account, and later use this credit for in-game purchases or other digital content
How to Redeem Razer Gold Pin?
After creating a Razer Gold Account and logging in, click on "Top Up" from the top right corner. Select the Razer Gold Balance / Gift Card payment option and click on "Enter Coupon Code" to enter your 14-digit epin code.
How Can I Purchase Razer Gold Pin?
Sign in to your ByNoGame account and make sure you have enough balance in your wallet. Then, add the product(s) you want to purchase to your cart and click on the "Complete Purchase" button. Your order will be delivered within seconds.
How Do I Sell Razer Gold Pin?
Click on the SELL TO US button just below Add to Cart, then, after listing the codes you want to sell one below the other on the opened screen, click on REDEEM CODE and Start Sale.
When selling Razer Gold Pin, what should I pay attention to?
Only write your 14-digit EPIN code, do not write the Serial Number.
If you have multiple codes, write one EPIN per line.
You can sell up to 10 codes in a single transaction.
I initiated the sale, when will the transaction be completed?
Razer sales are checked by a bot in order of processing and will be confirmed as soon as possible. 🤖
Razer sellings are closed, when will they reopen?
During the sale of Razer Gold Pins, you may sometimes not see the SellUs button. This may occur due to the security check of the sold codes by bots and regular account reviews. During this process, the SellUs button may be temporarily disabled.
If you cannot see the SellUs button, please wait for a while. Once the account checks are completed, the button will automatically become active again.
This measure is taken to create a secure trading environment for all users.
What is your Razer Gold Pin purchase rate?
The current purchase rate for Razer Gold Pins is 85%. This rate may vary depending on the services we offer and market conditions.
Can I sell the code I bought from you back to you?
When you sell the codes you bought from us back to us, your transaction will be cancelled with the notice ''Codes purchased from our website cannot be sold back to us.''
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