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Knight Online Steam Wallet Code

Knight Online Steam Wallet Code

ByNoGame® is an Official Reseller of Steam E-Pins. The buyer accepts all risks and responsibilities in the purchase of the product; accepts, acknowledges, and undertakes that ByNoGame cannot be held responsible under any circumstances.

Developed by Mgame Corporation and Noah System and published by NTT Game, the massive multiplayer online role-playing game Knight Online is preferred by many players in more than 80 countries. ByNoGame is the official reseller of Steam E-Pin for Knight Online game developed by Mgame Corporation and Noah System and published by NTT Game. Steam is a game platform created by Valve and has many games such as Dota2, Knight Online and CS: GO. In Knight Online, selecting item, character and race correctly plays an important role in progression. Get your Steam Wallet codes, which you will use to own these products, now!

If you haven’t played Knight Online before, you can easily access the Steam Wallet codes for 20 TL, 50 TL, 100 TL and 200 TL on ByNoGame. Good luck to you all, Knights!

About Knight Online Steam

Hello, Knights! As you know, Knight Online is now on Steam

What is Steam?
Steam, briefly mentioned, is created by Valve and it is a game platform that includes many massive games such as Dota 2 and CO.S: GO.

How to Install Steam?
To play Knight Online on Steam CYPHER, PATHOS, and HELLSGAREM servers, you should have a Steam account first. You can click here to register. Then, you should go to this page, install Steam by clicking “’INSTALL STEAM’” and log in.

How to Download Knight Online?
You can click here to download Knight Online and start playing. Since the servers are global and accessible from the whole world, access may be limited depending on the intensity. Therefore, you will need a Premium service. You can purchase these services in-game store with Steam Wallet Code.

Is OTP Used?
On the Knight Online Server CYPHER server, OTP is not used. Instead, Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is used. you check detailed information on Steam Guard Mobile by clicking here.

Can USKO accounts be transferred?
Currently, USKO characters cannot be transferred to the Steam CYPHER server. Since USKO and Steam servers are different from each other, transfer is not possible.

How to Redeem?

How to Redeem Steam Wallet Code?

Log in to your Steam account, and go to the “Account Details” page.


On the next page, enter your Steam Wallet Code and click “Continue”.


Provide personal details that are requested and then, complete the transaction. The code has been redeemed successfully.

ByNoGame is an authorized reseller for Steam e-pins.

ByNoGame wishes you a good game.

Steam Guide

What is Steam?

Steam is a video game digital distribution service and storefront by Valve.  It was launched to provide automatic updates for their games and expanded to distributing and offering third-party game publishers’ titles. It gives the user with automatic game updating, saved game cloud synchronization, and community features such as friends messaging, in-game chat, and a community market. Users can purchase and download many games and game-related products online. By 2021, the service had over 34,000 games with over 132 million monthly active users.

How to Register?

You can create your Steam account easily and for free.

Go to the “Create Your Account” page by clicking this link:https://store.steampowered.com/join

Enter your data and agree to the terms of Steam and Valve.

Click “Continue” and verify your e-mail address from the link directed from Steam to your e-mail address.

Enter your Steam account name on the directed page and choose your password. Click “Done”.

Install Steam from this link:https://store.steampowered.com/about/

Logging in Your Account From Another Device

No matter where you are in the world, if you are connected to the internet, you can play all your games that do not have country restrictions on Steam (the games are only active for the country of purchase when purchased as a gift) whenever you want, as well as accessing your saved files.

When you want to log into your Steam account from another computer, it will send a security code to the e-mail address you used while registering and ask you to enter your security code (Steam Guard). After entering your security code, you can play your games, but you cannot use Steam features such as Community Market and Trade Offers for 7 (seven) days.


How to Recharge Knight Cash with Steam Wallet?

Before following the instructions below, you should buy Steam Wallet Code from us.
1. In the game, Click “Power Up Store”
2. Click “Confirm"
3. Click “Recharge Knight Cash”
4. Select the KC amount and click “Review Order”

On directed Steam, click add funds and complete the transaction.

Premium Activation Feature

After Knight Online’s launch on Steam, NTT Game and Mgame continue developing by quickly evaluating the feedback they receive from users. They have a Premium Swap Service and players can activate Premium services anytime, anywhere.

If you have activated Bronze, Gold, Premium, or any other Premium so far, you can now activate Gold, Premium, EXP, and DC Premium without removing them.

Do you have DC Premium and want to upgrade to EXP Premium? Now nothing is stopping you to do it instantly.

Attention: The only thing to consider when activating a new Premium is that the expiration time of the new Premium is not added to your old Premium’s expiration time. In other words, when you activate the new Premium, your old Premium is removed.

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