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Knight Online Exp Premium

Delivered as 2800 Cash. Purchase EXP Premium from PUS in-game or activate it by unsealing on Kaira.

612,5 TL

  • How Much Does EXP Premium Cost?

  • How Much Cash is EXP Premium?

  • How to and Where to Unseal (Activate) EXP Premium?

  • What are the Features of EXP Premium?

  • What are the Gifts of EXP Premium?

  • How Many Days/Hours is EXP Premium Valid for?

Below, we answered these questions for you. We hope that it will help you, Knights!

About Knight Online EXP Premium

It is an item preferred by players who want to progress quickly between levels.

EXP Premium which you can purchase from ByNoGame costs 2796 Npoints at Power-Up Store and it is delivered as 2400+400 Cash.

EXP Premium Features

  • Preferred game access 24/7

  • Level 1-50 %400 EXP

    Level 51-60 %300 EXP

    Level 61-70 %200 EXP

    Level 71-83 %120 EXP

  • Ability to use EXP Flash item up to level 80 (obtained by fishing) for an additional 50%-80% boost

  • Item drop rate increased

  • EXP loss on death reduced to 1%

  • NPC item sell price increased to 150%

  • 50% discount on item repair

  • 100% more noah boost for all levels

  • Additional 12NP for PvP kills

  • Golden fishing pole

  • Trinas Piece (increased upgrade success; 800 Bonus Npoint Credit Value)

  • 10x Magic Hammer

  • Valid for 30 days (720 hours)

Knight Online EXP Premium is available at best prices on ByNoGame with the possibility of installment payments from a credit card, transfer, EFT and other easy payment methods.

How to Unseal Premium

Premium is unsealed through the NPC Vendor Kaira which is on the right side upstairs in Moradon City.


To unseal Premium, select "Premium Use & Exchange Voucher" after right-clicking the Vendor Kaira.

Then, select "Premium Item Use".

Select " EXP Premium" to unseal it.

Unsealing Premium is completed!

After this, the system will log you out automatically.

Relog and enjoy EXP Premium :)

Its gifts will be sent via Letter (L).

EXP Premium is valid for 720 hours (30 Days).

ByNoGame wishes you a good game :)

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