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Item Level Clear


Character Clear



Server Clear


${ classList(item.itemClass)}
${getServerText() }
Reverse Rare Normal
Attack Power : ${item.specs.attackPower}
Attack Speed : ${item.specs.attackSpeed}
Effective Range : ${item.specs.effectiveRange}
Weight : ${item.specs.weight}
Max Durability : ${item.specs.durability}
Defense Ability : ${item.specs.defense}
Increase Dodging Rate by ${item.specs.dodgingRate}%
Increase Attack Power by ${item.specs.attackPowerRate}%
HP Recovery ${item.specs.hpRecovery}%
MP Recovery ${item.specs.mpRecovery}%
Defense Ability (Arrow) : ${item.defense.arrow}
Defense Ability (Jamadar) : ${item.defense.jamadar}
Defense Ability (Sword) : ${item.defense.sword}
Defense Ability (Dagger) : ${item.defense.dagger}
Defense Ability (Club) : ${item.defense.club}
Defense Ability (Axe) : ${item.defense.axe}
Defense Ability (Spear) : ${item.defense.spear}
Defense +${item.defense.percentage}% Increase
Flame Damage: ${item.damage.flame}
Glacier Damage : ${item.damage.glacier}
Lighting Damage : ${item.damage.lighting}
Poison Damage : ${item.damage.poison}
Damage +${item.damage.percentage}% Increase
Strenth Bonus : ${item.bonus.strength}
Dexterity Bonus : ${item.bonus.dexterity}
Intelligence Bonus : ${item.bonus.intelligence}
Magic Power Bonus : ${item.bonus.magicPower}
MP Bonus : ${item.bonus.mp}
HP Bonus : ${item.bonus.hp}
Health Bonus : ${item.bonus.health}
Resistance to Flame: ${item.resistance.flame}
Resistance to Glacier: ${item.resistance.glacier}
Resistance to Lighting: ${item.resistance.lighting}
Resistance to Poison: ${item.resistance.poison}
Resistance to Magic: ${item.resistance.magic}
Resistance to Curse: ${item.resistance.dark}
Required Dexterity: ${item.requirements.dexterity}
Required Intelligence: ${item.requirements.intelligence}
Required Strength: ${item.requirements.strength}
Required Magic Power: ${item.requirements.magicPower}
Required Health: ${item.requirements.health}
Required Level: ${item.requirements.level}
🚀 Fast Delivery
${item.statistics.bundleCount ? item.statistics.count + ' Pc(s) (' + item.statistics.bundleCount + ' pc(s). Set Listing)' : item.statistics.count + ' Pc(s)'}
${priceWithSeparators(item.statistics.priceMax.toFixed(0))} TL
${priceWithSeparators(item.statistics.priceMin.toFixed(0))} TL
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is an Item?
In the game Knight Online, "Item" refers to the equipment that you obtain from various events and wear to strengthen your character.
How to List an Item for Sale?
You can follow these steps to quickly and securely list your items: - Sign in to your ByNoGame account.
- Click on the Item section under the Knight Online category on the homepage.
- On the redirected page, click the "List an Item" button.
- Search your inventory and select the items with their correct attributes.
- Set the price for your sale and click the Start Transaction button.
- Our team will review your listing and publish it as soon as possible.
How is item delivery carried out on USKO servers?
When the seller is ready on USKO servers, they contact Live Support and deliver the item to our expert team. After our team receives the item, we send an email and notification to the buyer. When the buyer is ready and contacts us, we deliver the item to them.
My item listing was sold, what are the delivery steps?
- First, connect to Live Support for the delivery of your sold orders.
- Go to the specified delivery location.
- Ensure PM Block is enabled and the Trade feature is open, then wait to receive the - nickname.
- When you receive the nickname, verify it and proceed with the delivery.
- Congratulations! You have successfully delivered your item.
When the buyer receives the item, your earnings will be transferred to your ByNoGame Wallet.
What should I do to buy an item on ByNoGame?
Use the advanced filter options on the Knight Online Item page to find the right product and add it to your cart. Ensure your balance is ready in your ByNoGame wallet to not miss out on the item in your cart. Click the "Complete Purchase" button to place your item order. You will receive an email and notification when your item is ready for delivery. Remember! To instantly receive items sold by ByNoGame, simply connect to live support 24/7.
How is the delivery made if the listing belongs to ByNoGame?
If the listing belongs to ByNoGame, the buyer can receive the item instantly by contacting us directly through Live Support.
How is item delivery conducted on SteamKO (Zion)?
On SteamKO (Zion), the parties communicate and complete the transaction through a chat window opened between them, which we also monitor for delivery. It's essential to ensure KSC is obtained during the delivery process.
Can I sell Quest Items?
Due to their non-tradeable feature, quest items cannot be sold on our website. You can use our advanced filter system to find items with similar features.
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