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Knight Online

Knight Online New Servers Name’s have been announced. Pandora, Agartha, and Felis!

There are just a few days left for the opening of the new servers.


Only those who pre-registered will be able to access the new servers. Those who did not pre-register will not be able to enter after new servers are opened.

So, if you wish to access Pandora, Agartha, and Felis servers, pre-register now!

2nd Pre-registration: You can select the server and create a character between November 3rd-November 15th.

Opening of the New Servers Pandora, Agartha, and Felis: BIG DAY IS NOVEMBER 17th


Prices are set as 1 GB. For 1 GB, the amount should be written as 1.

Other than this, you can buy GB in fractions such as 10M and its multiples. 

For example, you can buy 1.2 GB but you cannot buy 1.24 GB.

20M = 0.2 GB | 50M = 0.5 GB | 70M = 0.7 GB | 230M = 2.3 GB


ByNoGame is one of the oldest sellers of Knight Online World in the world, we meet all your needs for the game such as Premium and Cash, Gold Bar, Item, and Ring. We build secure bridges between the buyer and the seller and provide 24-hour secure trading.

For USKO servers, you can buy GB from this page. With Gold Bar, you can easily buy the items you want from the NPCs in the game and other players selling items in the game, and you can complete the items your character needs so you can improve faster in the game. We recommend you buy Gold Bar (GB) to stand out from your competitors and have a smooth gaming experience.

For buying and selling GB on Steam servers, you can check the pages SteamKO Cypher | SteamKO Pathos | SteamKO Hellsgarem under Marketplace. You can purchase Steam Wallet Code for these servers to buy Premium and Cash.


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