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What is Knight Online?

Knight Online is a captivating MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that boasts millions of players from all around the world. This popular game immerses its participants in a fantastical medieval-themed universe where they can choose to align themselves with one of two races: El Morad or Karus. Embarking on a journey filled with epic battles, quests, and adventures, players are transported into a world brimming with excitement and endless possibilities.

Let`s Journey Back in Time: The Chronicles of Knight Online

Once upon a time, the knights, wizards, and dragons of the medieval era, mere figments of our imagination, materialized into a virtual realm. Behold, the name of this world: Knight Online. Within this fantastical domain, time loses its grasp as you hunt creatures in mysterious forests, transforming into a valiant knight or perhaps a wise and all-knowing sorcerer. Making its debut on the global stage in 2002 and captivating millions of players, Knight Online ascended to the throne of Turkish gaming in 2004. It centers around the conflict between the El Morad and Karus races—one comprising technologically inclined humans, while the other consists of fantastical creatures intimately connected with nature. The choice of which side to embrace in this perpetual clash lies solely in your hands. So, are you ready to venture forth into this enchanting realm? Brace yourself for the comprehensive chronology of Knight Online, unveiling all its intricate details


The Tale of Knight Online

Within a realm cloaked in darkness, where fantasy intertwines with reality, the ambitions of two races collide, engulfing the heavens in the flames of war. Behold, for this is the tale of Knight Online.The Kingdom of El Morad stands as an enlightened society, predominantly inhabited by humans who have harmonized their existence with the wonders of technology. Towering spires, sprawling boulevards, and intricately designed fortifications showcase the intellectual prowess and dexterity of El Morad`s denizens. Yet, their technological advancements have inadvertently severed ties with other races, giving rise to an unintended adversary.On the opposing frontier resides the Karus race—a convergence of orcs, trolls, and ethereal beings—living in symbiosis with the nurturing embrace of nature. Embracing a simpler, more organic way of life, the Karus shun the opulence of grand palaces and the allure of gadgets. Instead, they opt to commune harmoniously with the untamed wilderness. Mountains, forests, and rivers become their sanctuaries, revered as hallowed abodes. Rejecting the allure of technology and heeding nature`s call, the Karus believe that El Morad`s progress threatens the very essence of their pristine habitat.Bound by animosity, these two races perpetually clash, forsaking understanding in favor of conflict. Each fervently clings to the righteousness of their chosen path, deeming the other misguided. Yet, might there be a means for unity between these disparate factions? Or shall they remain locked in an eternal struggle?Knight Online beckons players to partake in this narrative, offering them the chance to forge their own destinies. Will you align yourself with El Morad, embracing their technological wonders, or will you heed the call of Karus, adopting their symbiotic harmony with nature? The power to transform this enduring conflict into lasting peace or further stoke its fiery tendrils resides solely within your grasp. Now, pray tell, which path shall you tread?

Things to Do Before Starting Knight Online

Before embarking on your odyssey, the first and arguably most pivotal question arises: El Morad or Karus? Both factions offer distinct lifestyles, cultures, and character archetypes. This quandary presents an electrifying threshold, propelling you into an adventure that transcends the boundaries of a fantastical realm.El Morad may allure you with its cutting-edge technology and the allure of human-esque characters. Conversely, Karus entices with its harmonious communion with nature and a populace teeming with mythical creatures. The decision of which path to tread lies solely within your grasp.Taking a stride further, it becomes imperative not only to ponder over your choice of race but also to contemplate which character class resonates most profoundly with your being. Shall you embody the indomitable might of a stalwart warrior, or would the nimble guile of a stealthy rogue be your calling? Perchance, you yearn to wield cataclysmic spells as an awe-inspiring mage, casting trepidation upon your adversaries. Alternatively, the role of a cleric, a paragon of restoration and guardianship, might ignite your inner flame. Or perchance, a multifaceted Kurian, adroit in both martial prowess and arcane arts, shall be the path you trod. Your chosen character shall define your essence and pave the way for your expedition through the realm of Knight Online. Whichever road you embrace, an enthralling saga awaits. Now, the time has come to discern which path truly resonates with the fibers of your being!


El Morad or Karus: Which Path Should I Choose?

As you venture into the realms of Knight Online, an epic decision awaits you at the very threshold: El Morad or Karus? El Morad beckons with its technological marvels and an alliance of humanity. Within this faction, a sophisticated society thrives, propelled by a fervent belief in science and innovation. The cityscape flourishes with towering spires, broad avenues, and resplendent palaces—a testament to El Morad`s pursuit of knowledge and strategic acumen. For those captivated by the allure of discovery and the wonders of technology, El Morad offers a sanctuary where you can immerse yourself. On the other hand, Karus presents an entirely distinct experience. This coalition comprises orcs, trolls, and an array of fantastical beings who have embraced a life harmonized with nature. In Karus, technology and science are shrouded by the enigmatic veil of the natural world. Here, the people cherish the art of combat, the thrill of the hunt, and the resilience required to survive amidst nature`s harsh trials. Nature, a revered mentor, an unwavering comrade, and a nurturing force, becomes the cornerstone of Karus society. For those who yearn for an existence intertwined with the untamed, a life liberated in nature`s embrace, Karus offers solace. Ultimately, the choice between El Morad and Karus rests upon your personal inclinations and preferred playstyle. Are you drawn to the wonders of science and technology or captivated by the untamed forces of nature? Does strategic planning and calculated maneuvers fuel your ambitions, or does spontaneity and courage guide your path? The answers to these inquiries shall illuminate the path that calls to your heart. El Morad or Karus? The choice is yours to make, forging your destiny in the realms that await.

Warrior, Rogue, Magician, Priest, Kurian: Embrace Your Destiny in Knight Online

Knight Online offers players a diverse range of character options, allowing you to choose a character that aligns with your playstyle and preferences. Here are the character choices in Knight Online: Warrior, Rogue, Magician, Priest and Kurian.



The Warrior class is defined by strength and endurance. Characters in this class typically take their place at the forefront of battles, serving as a shield against their enemies. Warriors possess high damage capabilities and incredible defensive skills. They are known for delivering the first strike in combat and fighting relentlessly until the end. However, this strength and endurance come at the cost of agility and speed. If you prefer to be a character that acts as a tank, successfully countering your enemy`s attacks, then the Warrior class may be the perfect choice for you.


The Rogue class is defined by agility and speed. These swift and nimble characters launch unexpected attacks against their enemies and outmaneuver them on the battlefield with agile movements. With their stealth abilities, Rogue characters can strike their enemies unnoticed or escape dangerous situations. If you enjoy playing as a fast and agile character, delivering unexpected strikes to your enemies, then the Rogue class may be the perfect choice for you.


The Magician class is characterized by high-damage spells. Characters in this class render their enemies powerless with powerful magical attacks. However, the strength of these spells comes at the cost of endurance and defensive abilities. If you enjoy using spells to attack your enemies and render them ineffective, then the Magician class may be the perfect choice for you.


The Priest class is defined by protective and healing spells. Characters in this class heal their teammates and shield them from enemy attacks during battles. If you enjoy taking on a supportive role within a group, protecting and healing your teammates, then the Priest class may be the perfect choice for you.


Lastly, Kurian is characterized by versatility. Characters in this class possess both melee combat abilities and magic skills. If you enjoy playing as a versatile character with both melee combat abilities and magic skills, then the Kurian class may be the perfect choice for you.In conclusion, the choice of which character to select is entirely based on your playstyle and preferences. Do you want to be at the forefront of battles, or perhaps prefer to strike your enemies with a more agile and fast-paced character? Or maybe you enjoy using spells to attack your enemies or prefer to focus on protecting and healing your teammates. Alternatively, playing as a versatile character might be more appealing to you. The decision of which character to choose is completely in your hands.


How to Succeed in Knight Online? What Should I Pay Attention to?

Whether you`re new to the game or an experienced player, adapting to the complexity of Knight Online may take some time. But don`t worry, we`ve got you covered! From ways to progress quickly in the world of Knight Online to understanding the intricacies of PK (Player Killing) and even what to pay attention to before entering Ronark Land, we`re here to shed light on everything for you. If you`re ready, we invite you to embark on an informative adventure. Keep reading to learn how to become a legend in Knight Online!

How to Level Up Fast in Knight Online?

There are several ways to quickly gain experience points (EXP) in Knight Online. Here are some of them:

  • Completing Quests:Quests are one of the best ways to earn EXP quickly in Knight Online. These quests, offered in the game, often involve actions such as killing creatures, exploring a specific area, or collecting certain items. As you complete quests, you not only gain experience points but also receive various rewards. These rewards can include items, currency and occasionally special abilities in rare cases.
  • Killing Mobs: Killing creatures, also known as mobs, is one of the most popular ways to gain experience in Knight Online. Each creature in the game grants a specific amount of EXP when defeated. Therefore, the more creatures you kill, the more experience you gain. However, keep in mind that each creature has different strengths and resistances. So, be cautious when choosing which creatures to eliminate.
  • Playing in a Party:In Knight Online, forming a group and playing together with other players can help you earn more experience. One of the biggest advantages of forming a party is the ability to defeat more challenging creatures more easily, thus gaining more experience. Additionally, playing in a party allows you to complete quests faster and increases your chances of earning more EXP.

By employing these strategies, you can quickly gain experience and rapidly develop your character in Knight Online.


What Does Knight Online PK Mean? What Should Be Considered When Assigning PK?

PK stands for Player Kill in Knight Online, which refers to one player killing another player. PK forms the core of the game`s PvP (Player versus Player) elements and encourages competition among players. However, PK involves more than just randomly killing another player. It requires the right strategy, proper use of skills, and the ability to make quick decisions based on the situation for successful PK.
Here are a few important points to consider when engaging in PK:

  • Know Your Character:Each character has unique strengths, weaknesses and abilities. The better you know your character, the more successful you`ll be in PK. For example, if you`re using a Warrior character, you can leverage your durability and close combat abilities to your advantage.
  • Assess the Situation:The ability to quickly assess the situation during PK is crucial. Knowing when to use specific abilities is key to surviving and defeating your opponent during PK.
  • Understand Your Equipment:Your equipment makes a significant difference during PK. Using the best equipment available gives you a considerable advantage in battle. However, remember that the best equipment isn`t always the most expensive one. Choose equipment that suits your character`s abilities and playstyle.
  • Strategy and Tactics: Every PK encounter requires strategy and tactics. Sometimes, direct aggression may be the best approach, while other times, it may be better to observe and react to your opponent`s moves.
  • Teamwork:If you`re part of a group, teamwork plays a vital role in PK. Each member of the group should know their role and act accordingly, as it can determine the outcome of the battle.

In conclusion, PK is an important feature in Knight Online, and it requires the use of the right abilities, strategies, and equipment to succeed. However, remember that the most important aspect is always to have fun and enjoy the game!


How Powerful Should You Be When Entering Ronark Land? Which Are the Best Items?

Ronark Land is a mystical and treacherous zone in Knight Online, serving as a PvP (Player versus Player) arena where players can compete against each other. In this arena, only the strongest and most prepared players can survive. It is crucial to carefully prepare before entering Ronark Land.To enhance the power of your character, it is important to not only engage in traditional methods such as completing quests, slaying creatures, and collecting dropped items but also to develop specific skills and abilities. Additionally, finding the best equipment suitable for your class and playstyle is of vital importance.Before venturing into Ronark Land, you must strengthen both your offensive and defensive capabilities. One of the fastest ways to improve your character is by teaming up with your group to defeat high-level creatures (bosses). These creatures often yield powerful equipment and provide rapid experience points.The best equipment is usually obtained from bosses, and these items are highly valuable trading assets among players. However, having the most powerful items alone is not always the best approach. It is essential to carefully select your equipment based on your character`s class, abilities, and playstyle. For instance, defensive and health regeneration attributes are important for a Priest character, while attack and durability are more crucial for a Warrior.Another way to be prepared for the challenges of Ronark Land is by forming a group. Having group members with complementary skills and abilities forms the key to survival and success in this demanding arena. Having a variety of character classes within your group allows for flexibility in dealing with different situations.

Ways to Enhance Your Knight Online Experience

Let`s embark on a journey - a magical, heroic, and sometimes dangerous journey... A journey into the heart of Knight Online, the gold standard of the gaming world. Here, it`s not just swords clashing and spells being cast; it`s also about earning gold (Gold Bars - GB), discovering special abilities (Premium & Cash), and finding legendary items. This is the vibrant world of trade and economy, which holds the key to success in the game. Come, let`s take a closer look at this world.

Knight Online GB

In Knight Online, GB stands for Gold Bar and represents the in-game currency. This precious yellow metal holds vital importance for various transactions within the game and is a coveted asset for nearly every player.GB is used in trading with merchants and other players within the game. You need GB to purchase weapons, armor, spells, potions, and other items for your character. These items are crucial for survival and success in the battlefield. GB is also used to enhance your character and level up.There are several ways to earn GB. For example, you can earn GB by killing monsters (mobs) and completing quests. Additionally, you can obtain GB through trading with other players.However, earning GB in Knight Online may not always be easy and can sometimes be time-consuming. Therefore, effectively utilizing and spending GB is important for success in the game. To make the most out of your GB, it`s crucial to purchase items that suit your needs and playstyle.


Knight Online Premium & Cash

In the world of Knight Online, Premium and Cash represent the unique opportunities offered by the game for success. These features are used to accelerate the game`s overall dynamics and player progression.Premium is the game`s subscription system and provides a range of advantages. For instance, players with a Premium subscription earn experience points (EXP) faster than standard players, allowing them to level up their characters more quickly. Additionally, players with a Premium subscription have a greater chance of earning GB within the game. This provides more flexibility in in-game trading and transactions.Premium also offers players exclusive items. These special items are often more powerful than regular in-game items and provide significant advantages in battles or quests. These items cannot be purchased from in-game shops and are only obtainable by players with a Knight Online Premium subscription.Cash, on the other hand, is an in-game currency that can be purchased and is often acquired with real money. Cash is used in special in-game shops and allows players to purchase unique items, costumes, pets, and other special items.Both Premium and Cash are excellent tools for players who want to progress faster and more effectively in the world of Knight Online. However, effectively utilizing and managing these advantages depends on the player`s knowledge of the game and strategic thinking skills.

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