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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a skin and what is it used for?
Skins are cosmetic items that you can either purchase from the Steam Market or obtain by opening cases with keys in-game, which you can use in the game.
Skins don't provide additional functionalities to weapons; however, they change their appearance. They play a crucial role not only visually but also in making your gaming experience more enjoyable and personalized. Additionally, rare and valuable skins can represent prestige and social status for players. You can explore our marketplace to find various skins.
How is skin delivery carried out?
When a listing is purchased, we notify the seller.
The seller sends a gift trade through the buyer's Trade URL displayed on the Deliveries screen and clicks the "Yes. I Delivered" button. Once the buyer confirms the trade on both Steam and our website, the money held in escrow is transferred to the seller.
If you are selling through SellUs, simply follow the on-screen steps.
Why don't the skins I want to sell appear in my inventory?
If your privacy settings are not set to public, if the skin's trade ban hasn't expired, or if the skin you want to sell is a case/souvenir skin, it won't be visible.
For CS2 skins, in addition to the trade ban, the inventory ban must also be completed. This ban ends 3 days after the trade ban expires.
Additionally, the Steam Analyst price of the skin must be at least 30 TL for listing and selling, and at least 50 TL for SellUs.
What are the required limits for selling skins?
When listing an item, the minimum price is 30 TL according to the Steam Analyst price, while for SellUs, the minimum price is 50 TL.
How can I sell my skins, which are on Steam?
Using your Steam Trade URL, select the skin you want to sell on ByNoGame. You can either get an instant offer and earn money immediately through SellUs, or list it at your desired price to take advantage of our wide marketplace.
How do I report that I have delivered my order?
Go to the "Account > Deliveries" section and click on the "Yes, I Delivered" button for the relevant transaction. We will transfer your earnings once the buyer confirms it.
📌 Through the "Upload File" button on your pending transaction, upload a screenshot showing that the buyer has accepted the trade, with their profile visible.
-example image-
How do you determine your SellUs offer?
Our expert Steam team determines the offer based on the current market value of the skin. The offer is also influenced by our inventory capacity, the presence of the same or similar skins in our inventory, and the popularity of the skin.
Which skins can I sell?
You can sell all the items you obtain in-game or purchase from the Steam Market on ByNoGame within the limits.
Why do I have a trade ban and when does the ban expire?
To get information about Steam's trade ban situations and to see the remaining duration of your restrictions, click here."
What is the commission rate of ByNoGame in skin sales?
You can view the amount that will be transferred to your account when you add your listing. A commission of 10% is deducted from the amount you enter for your listing. You do not pay any commission for sales on SellUs! The offer you receive is the net amount that will be credited to your account.
How does the "Make an Offer / Purchase" work?
With our system, we've facilitated thousands of successful sales by enabling users to negotiate without extending the process through Question-Answer and preventing someone other than the bargaining user from making the purchase. For detailed information about the bidding system, please click here
What is the float value?
The float value, in CS2, is a metric that measures the wear degree and overall appearance of a skin on a scale from 0.0 to 1.0. Skins with lower float values generally appear less worn and have more vibrant colors. Additionally, as the float value approaches 0, the monetary value of the skin tends to increase. For further information, please read our related article. here
Can I trade my 'x' skin for your 'y' skin?
After selling the skin you have through listing or with SellUs, you can use the earnings to purchase any skin you desire.
Can I convert my Steam balance into cash?
You can convert your Steam balance into cash by purchasing Steam Community Market items worth 30 TL or more in Steam Analyst value, or TF2 Keys (Mann Co. Supply Crate) from the Steam Community Market. When your trade ban ends, you can convert your Steam balance into cash by listing them or selling them to us.
What is the CS2 Phase?
CS2 Phase is a special rare appearance exclusive to the Doppler and Gamma Doppler skin groups. These rarity levels include phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, phase 4, ruby, sapphire, black pearl for Doppler, and phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, phase 4, and emerald patterns for Gamma Doppler.
What is CS2 Sticker?
CS2 sticker is a visual item in the Counter-Strike 2 game that allows players to customize the appearance of their weapons. Through stickers, you can add different logos, patterns, or designs to weapons, changing their appearance. Stickers can be purchased from our website, obtained from cases, or traded with other players.

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