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Privacy Policy

We, Bynogame®, adopted providing a much more secure internet environment for our registered users as a principle.
a) Bynogame® sends its users’ registered email addresses only obliged service e-mails for transactions to activate membership, remind passwords, forward email security codes, and change email addresses.
Other than this, with only its users’ sole consent, it sends emails such as promotions, surveys, and advertisements, and sends SMS to their mobile phones for informational reasons. Users consent by checking a  box during the registration and can update this preference after registration from the Profile page.

b) Bynogame® does not disclose your membership and personal data to other users and third parties without your consent, except as expressly set forth in the User Agreement. However, the data may be used for customer profiling and statistical studies within the structure of Bynogame®.

c) The data provided by you can be accessed and amended only by you, except by Bynogame®. Any other member or User cannot access or amend your data.

d) With your sole discretion, you may share the personal data requested during the registration, except obliged data, with Bynogame®. In the case of not preferring to share such data with Bynogame, you are not obliged to do so.

e) Please take notice that the transactions we provide for you such as activation through mobile phones, static IPs, and saving IP data are towards secure shopping for the customers. For example regarding entering an identity number, the User may give a similar answer number that matches the identity number algorithm. The answer to the question "Enter your mother's maiden name" that banks ask you is only a password-passphrase dilemma and if you don't forget different information even after first saving it to the bank's system, you proceed with your transactions with the same information (even if this answer is not really your mother's maiden name). Bynogame® does not intend to receive users’ confidential data as answers to its questions. As required by the Privacy Policy and the encryption algorithm, this data cannot be accessed, even by the employees of Bynogame®. Bynogame® guarantees not to disclose your personal data to any entity. Bynogame® shall not be held liable or responsible for disputes arising from misleading info in lieu of correct and accurate data provided by users.

f) Bynogame® reserves the right to amend the clauses in this agreement when needed.

In case of any disputes arising from this agreement, Izmir courts and Execution Offices shall be authorized.

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