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Valorant Spike Nations

Valorant Spike Nations

We are here for the new Valorant news!
08-10-2022 13:00

Hello Valorant Gamers! We are here with the new Valorant news. The third tournament of Valorant Spike Nations will welcome you with the collaboration of Riot Games and Blast. the strike will be on 14-16 October. VCT, VRLS, the well-known professional E-Spor players from Game Changers, and 12 EMEA teams consisting of popular streamers will clash on behalf of their regions, and give battle for taking a share of 60.000€in order to donate to the charities they choose. 😇
The first Spike Nations was made in November 2020 with an attendance of10 teams. Last year, it was made with 1 team and Eastern Europe brought in 14.000€to the charity they chose,Te Aud Romania, by winning the prize. As to the format of the tournament, the teams will consist of three groups with four teams, and the best team in each group will rise to the elimination stage. In the elimination stage, the supporter of the teams can help their team by donating. the two teams, whose supporters donate the most, will have a right to take part in the second stage of the tournament.
Leo Matlock, the general progress director of BLAST, stated that he is excited about the third Spike Nations and happy since one of the best-loved tournaments is permanently taking place in Valorant’s calendar. Having tiptop technology production and esports proficiency,BLAST seems themost successfulpartner for thebest and biggest games in the world. Leo Matlock also stated that they are looking forward to strengthening their long-term relationship with Riot Games and bringing together passionate fans with the EMEA ecosystem via collecting donations for charities with the quality content of Valorant. 
Felix Morgan, the EMEA leader of action games from Riot Game, added that they think the gamers loved the event of last year and they are happy to actualize Spike Nations for the third time collaborating with BLAST again.
In Spike Nations 2022, the 12 teams will speak for their countries and the supporters will take part in this three-day action and donate.
The teams that will be in the tournament are like that: 
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Scandinavia
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • DUTCH Team: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Benelux Team Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg
  • Eastern Europe, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Letoonia, Lithuania, Albania, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosova, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Hrvatska, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Greece, Southern Cyprus, Israel.
  • Mena Team United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Omani, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya.
Here you can find all the news we congregate for you! 🚀 🚀

We will continue to share all information about Spike Nations. For now, the VP you need in the game is here!

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