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Valorant Is Among Us Again With The Night Market!

Valorant Is Among Us Again With The Night Market!

Let’s have a look at the available discounts together!
27-09-2022 16:00

Valorant is getting ready to welcome us with The Night Market again on 27th September 2022! Riot Games added “The Night Market” for the Valorant gamers again. If there is someone among us, who does not know, this market helps gamers buy Valorant gun skins at a more affordable price. 

In this event, which will be presented between the 28th of September and the 11 of October, there will be a special offer set consisting of six random gun skins. Therefore, the current discounts that will give in the Night Market will be offered to each gamer in special.

When Will The Valorant Night Market Start? 

The Valorant Night Market will start in different time zones depending on countries. AIn regard to Turkish local time, gamers will start on September 28 when the time is 17.00. In some regions, The Night Market will open on September 29 since it is not entered into service simultaneously across the world. 

According to the official announcements, The Valorant Night Market will continue till October 11, 2022. 

Is It AvailableTo Change The Gun Skins With Valorant Night Market?

The opportunities offered in this event are totally given to gamers in special. That’s why you cannot change the skins or choose by yourself. The Valorant Night Market which is created as a private to-person event enables you to take advantage of the discounts and opportunities offered to you in the stated time. If you are looking for different skins, you have to wait for the next Night Market. 

How To Log In To The Valorant Night Market?

To be able to log in to Night Market, you need to have Riot Games account. Then you can follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in to Valorant with Riot Games account.

  2. Click on the “Night Market”, which is next to the amounts of “Valorant Points and Raianite Points” on the homepage.

  3. Here, you can see the Valorant skins at a discount.

  4. There will be 6 cards on your screen. Click on each card separately to be able to see the opportunities offered to you. 

We shared the all details about the Valorant Night Market in this writing! Till the next update, you can find all VP you need here in the game. 

You can find all the news we have compiled for you here!🚀🚀

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