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Valve Gave The Good News For Steam Deck!

Valve Gave The Good News For Steam Deck!

We are looking forward to the brandnew console.
10-09-2022 15:00

Last year, among the outstanding names of the game sector, Valve, shared important news that would make you happy and run upside down the world of games. With this news, they announced that they would release a portable hand console. Afterward, this bombastic news game players started to look forward to this console.

After getting attention from Valve's portable console, Steam Deck eventually released this console. By doubling the production and spreading the order fast the company seemed that raised its plans for Valve. 

The hand console, which was released at the beginning of this year, is placed as the most powerful portable console in the game world. Not only can you carry your Steam Library wherever you go, but also you can see your library just like the other computers you do.

Besides, it will be possible to see the scale of compatibility that indicates your experiences when you are playing games. You can filter the experience you look for as regards the scale of harmony in your library. After breaking a record and being distributed quickly to the owners, Valve announced that the console will be multi-generation. 


 Having favorable comments from the users and getting credit for its strong construction, Steam Deck will become be used in a more available way. In the statement found in the pamphlet, there is an explanation from Steam Deck that gives information about the usage, which we have not thought about it yet.

Steam, which has a plan to release a new console, has mentioned that they will follow a more comprehensive and talented way in The Steam Deck 2 compared to the first version. The sharing that the Valve development team made gladdens the expecters of Steam Deck. It is stated that the amount of stock in the Steam Deck is twice as much. 

Now, Steam Deck using the operating system named SteamOS supports more than 4500 games without any problem. We cannot skip without sadly remarking that this console-which stated that it can run more than 30.000 games; however it cannot completely optimize- is not sold formally in Turkey yet.

We hope that this console will come to Turkey in the near future associated with the currently doubled production of it considering the sales in such countries as Japan, South Korea, and China. Until it comes to Turkey, you can click this link to make secure shopping on Steam.

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