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When Will PUBG Mobile M15 Be Released?

When Will PUBG Mobile M15 Be Released?

PUBG has been in full flow in their works to strengthen this bond again!
15-09-2022 20:00

As you know the legendary play PUBG Mobile confronts gamers with a new season and theme every month. PUBG Mobile, which always tries to keep in with the players with collaborating and the new surprise changes, in its occurance, achieved to run upside down all the lists and ranked as number one for a long time in the lists. Nowadays, falling out of like with the gamers PUBG has been in full flow in their works to strengthen this bond again!

pubgNowadays, PUBG Mobile making a statement about the end of the last season and the new season offers many various rewards in M14 such asSet of Aurum, Golden Leaf PP-Bizon weapon skin and the Golden Leaf outfit, a backpack with the Ancient Royal theme, Set of Nightfarer and so on. By the end of the 19th of September M14 will end. Well, then when will M15 start?"font-size:>

As you know, PUBG Mobile gives the start to new seasons every other day. It seems that when M14 ends on 19th September, M15 will start on 20th September. Besides PUBG Mobile C3S8 season will start soon. The new PUGB Mobile rewards are thus and so:

  •  Groovy Pack Set and Music Star Win 94

  • Magical Night Helmet and Magical Night Ornament

  • Cute Clown Finish Plane

  • Midas Fortune Mythic Emote

  • Wild Dance Emote

  • Fairytale Scarecrow

  • RP Avatar M15

  • Magical Night Smoke Grenade

  • Magical Night Parachute

  • Martial Master Set

  • Midas Fortune Set

  • Midas Fortune Cover

  • Clairvoyant Fox Cover

  • Clairvoyant Fox Set

  • Night Dancer

  • Pink and Blur Harmony Buggy

  • Shell Throne Sidecar Motorcycle

  • Season 8- Night Dancer Set and Mask

  • Electronica Hearts Mask, Parachute Cover

  • Heavenly Cadence Set and Goggles

  • Alien Technology

  • Marine Marauder Uzi

  • Marine Stalker Parachute

  • Schoolgirl in Pink Outfit

  • Groovy Teen Outfit

For The player who buys the M15 Razzle Dazzle Royal Pass, there is a Treasure Box, in which they can spend their spare RP points and it also presents various rewards from the previous seasons.

New Characters in PUBG Mobile C3S8

Until the PUBG M14 season, there are 4 characters that players can buy. These are Victor, Sara, Andy, and Carlo. In addition to these characters, two new characters will be involved in the play. One of these characters will be a woman and the other will be a man. The name of the man character will be Riley, and the name of the woman character will be Sophia.

How Much UC PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Is?

In this season PUBG Royale Pass will be 360 UC and Elite Pass will be 960 UC just like every other season. In this news, we have shared the information about the new season we get. Before the new season, the UC that you need is here!

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