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Knight Online Getting Out of Jail (Discipline Dungeon)

Knight Online Getting Out of Jail (Discipline Dungeon)

Hello Knights! Do you know how to get out of jail?
24-10-2022 15:00

One of the things that many people wonder about in the game is how to get out of jail. If you want to get out of jail, you can follow the directions given to you correctly and proceed with the right steps. The Knight Online Discipline Dungeon (jail) system is also known as one of the systems that make it possible to punish players. That's exactly why many of the players wonder how to exit from there. A large part of the research done is about the directions that can make it possible. If you want to get out of jail, you must first have detailed information about the jail. Only in this way, you can make it possible. In other words, if you know what Knight Online jail is like, it will be easier for you to get out.


The jail, which players can go to for different offenses, has different features. In addition to being included in systematic games, there is also an important order in the prison system. Most of the players also know about it.

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Knight Online Jail

Players can go to jail for certain offenses. As for these offenses, if you have illegal software programs on your computer, then you will go to jail. An act of using a name that includes swearing words and foul language is one of the important factors that’s why you will go to jail.


In the case of these offenses, you will go to jail first instead of being banned. This is the reason why the jail system is important. On the other hand, if you are in jail, it is useful to be more careful about some points to get out. For example, if you want to get out of jail, you must have paid a certain amount beforehand. You will receive an item with the payment. Only then, you can get out. Of course, you also need to know what these items are and how they are useful. You can achieve a successful result without difficulty while continuing the process.


Knight Online Getting Out

If you want to get out of prison in Knight Online, you should know all this information and then follow the steps listed for you correctly. To explain these ways detailed, you should first purchase the Punishment Stick+Wing item for a certain fee. You have to give the item you purchased to the NPC named Kabal. When you follow these steps in the correct order, you will also have Dragon Wing Voucher and Punishment items. Of course, after these steps, you should be assigned a task by NPC to get out of jail. It is also very important that you complete this task. To complete the task, you must use the Punishment Stick as a weapon.


When you follow the steps correctly, you will complete the process of getting out of Knight Online jail. You mustn't throw away the items before exiting. In other words, it is of great importance that there are no deficiencies other than the methods and procedures are shown to you. After completing the task, you must return to NPC again and hand over the task. If your task is successful, the Punishment Stick item will disappear. These tasks include killing the monsters players encounter in jail. When you kill every one of the monsters you encounter inside, you have taken a big step toward getting out of jail.


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