Wrath Of The Mad King
Wrath Of The Mad King is a top-down action RPG set in the year 2042. In Wrath Of The Mad King, you play as a Collector, searching the world for mechanical scrap from the old Sentinel war to sell for credits. The Sentinel war, which happened in 2032 left Earth in a state where it needed to rebuild itself.
Crafting parts from remains of the war with the sentinels are now being used by humanity.

Little did you know, that your services would become in high demand with the arrival of a new enemy.


* Fight the Sentians.

To be able to take on the Sentians, you need the proper tools. Fight them head-on with your melee weapons, or target them from a distance with a multitude of weapons.

* Explore futuristic Earth.

The arrival of the Sentians has done something to planet Earth. The planet seems to be evolving with their energy. Discover all sorts of mysteries during your adventure in a semi-open world.

* Loot & collect better gear.

Loot & gear can be found anywhere on Earth, some may drop from a slain enemy, others may be a reward for helping a person in need. There are even rumors of legendary weapons laying somewhere on Earth, waiting to be found.

* Trade

The ability to trade and share knowledge has always been one of humanity’s best assets. Use this to your advantage. Sell your unused gear in exchange for credits, which you can use to invest in new gear and special upgrades.

* Grow Your Legend

The world is changing and is in need of a hero. Be that hero and become a legend.

Teslim Saati