work girl打工妹日记
About this game

Xiao Li is a newly graduated college student, just ready to enter the society, who expected a big blow fell on her. Her gambling father absconded with a large sum of money, and the debt collectors came after her. Debt collectors put aside their harsh words, Xiao Li will pay 100,000 yuan in ten days!!! Xiao Li’s heart is broken!!!

Can Xiaoli find the help of "enthusiastic people" in the vicious society? And what happens between Xiaoli and "enthusiasts"? Can Xiaoli successfully exchange debts? What interesting stories have happened between Xiaoli and her enthusiasts?

In the game, players can experience unique scenarios in cities with high degree of freedom.

Players can manipulate the hostess and multiple men to produce various stories.

Ten days to earn 100,000 yuan, escape the magic.

This game is a 2-D pixel RPG game, which triggers a variety of unique events.

Payment of debts will affect the outcome of the game.

The game has exquisite drawings, a variety of clothes, players can trigger a variety of different events in a specific place and time.

This game can relax your busy working life!

Tips:If the photos are hidden, you can uninstall and reinstall the game

Teslim Saati