Where’s the Fck*ng Light - VR
After a relaxing weekend at a remote Hotel in New York, your last night is nearing. Because of the fact that your last night has ended, you should go home, but everything seems to ocurr so early. After noticing strange sounds in the middle of the night, you will decide to look what is happening there.

But suddenly, you discover that the Hotel has no electricity, or at least, the lights are turned off. What has happened? The only thing you know is that it looks bad.

Make your own decisions:

Would you be able to turn on the light at the end of the hallway? Would you help someone who is asking for help in a half-closed room, or would you prefer to continue on your own way? Are you going to trust every hallucination you’ll ‘see’?

Choose your own path, but bear in mind your main objective: To leave

Teslim Saati