True Blades™

True Blades™ Update v.051

Hello True Blades Champions,

After reading your thoughts and feature requests in the Steam Forum, the team is happy to announce the first big update.

Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming.

P.S. Next major update will include NPC’s and a new quest system ;)

Here is the list of updated / new features :

  • Oculus Touch support
  • Added Teleportation as a locomotion method
  • Improved lighting system
  • Enhanced the Day / night cycle
  • Improved visibility of dark areas
  • Improved visibility of inventory
  • Populated environment with more trees and foliage
  • Enhanced Texture rendering

About the Game

TRUE BLADES™ is an epic fantasy medieval fighting adventure which provides a very realistic and immersive sword fighting experience for VR.
As a player, you will explore a vast island of one square km, wage heroic fights against hordes of well armored guards, goblins, orcs and other terrifying creatures. You will also strategically duel against highly skilled knights and develop true-to-life fighting skills by parrying and counter attacking your opponents at the right time.

Key Features:
  • Vast island of 1 square kilometer size with day/night cycle.
  • Realistic sword fighting.
  • Many different weapons and shields.
  • Health and Energy management.
  • Seamless transition from 1st person perspective (fighting) to 3rd person perspective (exploring).
  • Many hours of game play.

Available on HTC Vive & Oculus Rift with Touch controllers.

Teslim Saati