When a scientific station was thrown into chaos by an explosion of unknown origin, the governing space agency declared the world off-limits. Now a year later the government hires Mute, a daughter of one of the scientists on the station, to investigate. As Mute, it’s up to you to explore the dilapidated station, uncover the truth behind what caused the explosion, and recover any research left behind.


  • Encounter over 60 unique enemies! All offering different and exciting challenges and interactions.
  • Battle over 10 formidable bosses! From mutated worms and electrified beasts, to rogue AI’s and gigantic bugs.
  • Explore a vast network of interconnected tunnels and research laboratories.
  • Discover game-changing upgrades hidden throughout the station. Wall Jump, Void Dash, and Spin Bash your way across the station!
  • Augment your playstyle with 18 optional upgrades, each one changing how you play.
  • Collect the memories of perished station workers and piece together a twisted story.
  • Make use of a versatile mapping system to help track your progress. Use custom markers, track your completion percentage, and find hidden terminals to uncover unexplored areas.
  • Experience a personal and heartfelt story as Mute searches for her mother, one of the many scientists present on the station during the explosion.
  • A hand-painted pixel art aesthetic lends each and every character, enemy, and area a personal touch.
  • An immersive and atmospheric score, crafted to perfectly match every moment, from bombastic fights to solemn exploration.

Augments Make Your Playthrough Unique

Transmute is a game designed to be played multiple ways through the use of augments. You will be able to equip various optional upgrades that can drastically change how you play the game. Fight alongside a reprogrammed drone, twist your attacks into spiraling laser blasts, or summon tentacles to block projectiles. How you play, and what you uncover, is up to you. Can you take on all the station has to throw at you, and learn the secrets it hides?

Teslim Saati