Toys ’n’ Traps

Toy’s Town is getting invaded by naughty racoon toys and they are stealing pieces and toys! Not on your watch!

A mysterious attack has brought chaos upon Toy’s Town, and it is your duty to stop the racoons with your incredible toy squad and your ability to build traps out of toy parts.

Your car is the base you need to protect from the racoon waves in this tower defense, so you can keep on travelling and battling the evil racoons.
To help you protect your car base from those little thieves, you can shoot them down with the help of your faithful squad, creative weapons and ingenious traps. Show them that this toy world is made of resistant pieces!

To save the entire Toy’s Town, you’ll have to travel to all of its corners, discovering 4 different vibrant scenarios based on toys and built by toys. Discover the city’s centre, the icy cold hills, the sunny beach resort and the mysterious circus.

With every new stage, explore new traps, weapons. In the end of each level, earn toy pieces to definitely improve your equipment, which will make your path a lot easier. There is no boredom in Toy’s Town with all the weapons and traps that can deal damage or debuffs on the enemies.
There is no boredom either with all the new racoons that you’ll have to face. They get stronger as you go as well. Can they get any bigger?!

Toy’s Town is a peaceful city where the toys play and live together and is also the hometown of Mad Babs and her army of toys, whose mission is to help and toys in whatever they need. When evil toys appear and start causing a lot of problems, invading places and stealing the toy’s belongings, Mad Babs and her army come to defend their beloved city. They have very little information on who or what is causing these problems, but they know they have to help the toys retrieve their belongings while they look for the villain behind the chaos.

  • Defense levels in tower defense style
  • Squads and Structures that the player can enhance
  • Choose strategic items to take into battle using your backpack
  • Different weapons with different and funny results
  • Unlockable weapons, squads and structures

Teslim Saati