Through Abandoned: The Forest

Soundtrack remastered

Soundtrack for Through Abandoned 2 written by Alexander Ahura, remastered, is available for buying!

The whole duration is 43+ min. Enjoy!

For buying use the link above or go here:


Hi, everybody. So, the game has just released. But if you want to buy a bundle 1st and 2nd part together, than wait a little. We’re making it right now.

Upcoming update

Hi everybody. We’re working with updates. I want to announce that almost everything you wanted will be fixed. There will be 2 updates. The first of them will be released tomorrow. We fixed wrong English translation.

As about the second one. We will add:
1. Achievements
2. Trading cards
3. Localizations to German, Spanish, Russian.
4. Maybe (if we’ll keep pace) we will add more languages

The second update need something around 1 week.

Just wait a little.

Thank you!

About the Game

You continue your journey in worlds of Abandoned. Welcome to the Forest, the sacral place in the Ordered.

Solve puzzles, find items and find a way to use them. Try to reach your brother and have fun.

If you haven’t played Through Abandoned orginal yet:
Bundle with both parts:

Teslim Saati