The Drone Racing League Simulator
This is what it feels like to fly in the cockpit of the fastest drones! The DRL Simulator will push the limits of your drone racing abilities and prepare you to fly in real life. Explore legendary locations and new worlds. Battle it out with your friends to the finish line. Crash nonstop without wrecking your drone and breaking the bank. Master this game and you can compete for a chance to become a professional pilot in the Drone Racing League!

  • The only drone racing video game that will transform you into a pro pilot overnight through the annual DRL SIM Tryouts esports tournament
  • The ultimate opportunity to fly FPV (First Person View) like the best drone pilots in the world
  • Real-time multiplayer mode so you can compete with friends and compare your times against our leaderboards
  • 54-mission tutorial that teaches you the flying basics and gives you real-time feedback on how to race faster and better
  • 24 unique maps, 18 real-life DRL courses as seen on TV, and 140 obstacles to navigate on supercharged tracks
  • 120 million real-life drone combinations to custom design and optimize your drones on the workbench
  • One-to-one physics with real drones
  • Advanced aerodynamics modeling capabilities
  • Advanced replay system to watch how you perform

Do you have what it takes? There’s only one way to find out...

Teslim Saati