The Analyst
In “The Analyst” you play as an ex-spy, leading a quiet life on the run in the north of England after quitting the agency in the middle of an operation. Problem is, in this line of work, you’re never out until they say you’re out…

The agency had been keeping tabs on you the whole time, allowing you to retire until they may need you again. One rainy day in October, they pay you a visit with a request: “one last job” for your freedom.

In this espionage-action game, you have to use your very particular set of skills to “recruit” a pair of scientists into the agency before your rivals, who will use any means necessary to get to them first.

Armed only with a dossier with a handful of names in it, venture out into the comic book inspired city and make a start on task number one, finding out what these two scientists actually look like…

Teslim Saati