Tales of Herring Lake
Rise and shine, campers! It’s time to crack open a cold one, cast your hook, and wait for the fish to come! The lake may look sleepy on the surface, but trust us, you just need to peer into its murky waters. If you choose to.

Welcome to Tales of Herring Lake, where your favourite Sunday fishing show meets Alfred Hitchcock. So grab your fishing gear and start shaping your story.

Tales of Herring Lake is a narrative-driven mystery-slash-fishing game taking place in real time, where you decide how the story will unfold. Do you fancy yourself more of a detective or a fisherman? Do you wish to unravel the mystery of the strange object floating in the water, explore the noise coming from the nearby cave, or maybe mind your own business, enjoy the view and try to catch some big fish? Either way, remember that the world won’t wait for you, and not making a decision is also a decision.

  • An immersive real-time system - decide what to focus on on a given day.
  • Choose your playstyle, make choices and see how they shape the story and your surroundings.
  • Immerse yourself in the mysteries of Lake Herring, or concentrate on the extensive fishing gameplay. Or try to do both.
  • Discover surprising plot twists, additional secrets and numerous different endings.
  • Drink beer. Catch fish. Start to question your reality. Or don’t.

Teslim Saati