Tactical Nexus

The current price is displayed as the list price. However, this is 75% off the original price.
Prices will change by 5% every 2 months.
The next price change will be 70% off around 2020/11/15/00: 00: 00 (PDT).
Please see here for the detail. https://steamcommunity.com/games/1141290/announcements/detail/1696100248020474882

In the TacticalNexus series, the average play time is 45 hours in the two months since the actual sale started,
Some players have played the game for more than 100 hours.
On the other hand, the median is 2 hours and 46 minutes.

This data shows that the TacticalNexus series is causing a polarization between "greatly enthusiastic players" and "quick quit players".
For this reason, a free trial version that can be played for tens of hours or more is released on the Steam store page.
Please play the free trial first so that you do not regret buying the game.
If you play 4 free trials and want to play yet, you will enjoy this game.

A hack & slash-style puzzle game with no random elements.
This game system is Inspired by "Tower of the Sorcerer".
It is a very large-capacity game that is expected to play for more than 100 hours in one package.

This work is in chapter form, and there are several Stages in one chapter.
(However, there is no story in this game even though it is a chapter format)
If you perform well in one Stage, you can earn a "Nexus Medal" and "Sun stone(s)".
The higher the “Nexus Medal” you have, the less difficult the difficulty of all stages.

You can play Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in the package of the game itself, and after Chapter 3 will be sold as download content.
Until around May 2021, new chapters will be released in download content format every 2-3 months.
(Chapter is finally 10 chapters + 1 extra chapter)
As chapters progress, the difficulty and volume of each chapter increases.

For a while, game bug fixes and STEAM integration updates will be implemented in detail.
For this reason, we offer significant discounts as a campaign until all chapters are released.
Each time a chapter is published, the price increases by 5%.

"Chapters list"
Chapter 1 -Tactical Ground-(6 Games) Main package
Chapter 2 -Tactical Earth-(6 Games) Main package
Chapter 3 -Tactical Cloud-(5 Games) Download content-2020/1
Chapter 4 -Tactical Star-(6 Games) Download content-2020/3
Chapter 5 -Tactical Night-(4 Games) Download content-2020/5
Chapter 6 -Tactical Rainbow-(3 Games + 6 Gates) Download content-2020/7
Chapter 7 -Tactical Aurora-(4 Games+ 6 Gates) Download content-2020/9
Chapter 8 -Tactical Moon-(4 Games+ 6 Gates) Download content-2020/11
Chapter 9 -Tactical Sun-(5 Games+ 5 Gates) Download content-2021/1
Chapter 10 -Tactical Finale-(7 Games+ 4 Gates) Download content-2021/3
Extra Chapter -Tactical Dream-(10 Games) Download content-2021/5
(It is planned after Chapter 4)

[1-1 Tactical tutorial] Game Volume-4
[1-2 Tactical tower NEW] Game Volume-7
[1-3 Tactical tower D] Game Volume-5
[1-4 Tactical tower K] Game Volume-6
[1-5 Tactical trip mini]Game Volume-1
[1-6 Tactical tower G]Game Volume-7

[2-1 Tactical tutorial 2] Game Volume-6
[2-2 Hitofude dojo] Game Volume-6
[2-3 Tactical tower W] Game Volume-9
[2-4 Tactical tower P] Game Volume-10
[2-5 Tactical tutorial 3]Game Volume-6
[2-6 (very hard) Pop tactical lord]Game Volume-15

"Extra systems planned"
Legacy system:
In Chapter 6 and later, a special item called “Legacy” will appear.
Legacy can only be picked up once per record (records picked up are saved).
Once picked up, the legacy effect can be activated by consuming a Sunstones at the beginning of the stage from chapter 6 onwards.

Mystic gate system:
In Chapter 6 and later, an item called “Mystic Gate [Stage Name]” will appear.
Each Mystic Gate can only be picked up once (the picked up record is saved).
Picking up Mystic Gate [x] will allow you to activate Legacy at the start of the game, even with stage name [x].
However, when Legacy is activated, enemy HP is tripled, attack and defense is 1.4 times, experience value is 1.5 times.
Instead of greatly increasing the difficulty of the game, you may get a lot of Sunstones.

Teslim Saati