Swords of Time
A colorful fantasy world threatened by dark forces is in danger. Help defeat the threat with your allies and companions who join you on the way.
This game allows deep character development with classes, skills, equipment, companions, pets and more.

Key features:

Play the way you want.
Use summons, sentries, fight in melee or ranged, with or without spells. Be highly mobile or slow as a turtle.
Free character development, Unlock new classes with skill points, limited by required amount of skill points spend in class skills.

Loot or craft equipment with item stats from a random level range pool. Random stat pools depend on found rarity.

Dive into dungeons to fight stronger enemies for better loot.
Explore the surroundings to find hidden loot and rare enemies.

Use traps to catch monster and tame them. These may assist you in battle.

Farm for items and rare equipment, feed your pets crops to make them stronger (optional).

Day night circle with different monsters at day and night in some areas and small events on certain days like a special tameable monster spawn.

Teslim Saati