Stayin’ Alive

Get A Whole New Lease On Life!

Do your best to die, or to save your enemies from death in this frantic multiplayer game about life and death.
Stayin’ Alive is a game about wheelchair-bound retirees (the Suiciders) who have decided it’s high time to meet their maker, and nurses (the Saviors) who must keep the old geezers alive at all costs. Choose your side and let the dying/saving begin!

It’s Check Out Time!

As a retiree, you will need to craft lethal weapons of self-destruction out of ordinary items and hide yourself while attempting suicide. But beware: Saviors are looking for you and they’re determined to save you from certain death.

Life Is Precious!

As a Savior, your job is keeping the Suiciders alive by finding the correct life-saving tool for any situation and using that on whoever is dying. Sedate the old-timers and conduct them into containment rooms to prevent suicide and instantly earn your score.

Power-up your job

Look well around and find incredible items to either get special abilities if you are playing as a Savior, or instantly kill yourself if you are playing as a Suicider. Magic potions, teleport devices, a barrel of fireworks, a blow up doll...

Every match lasts a few minutes and fast thinking is everything. Any time a Suicider dies or is confined, points are assigned determining the winning party at the end of the match. Play in a small retirement house in South America, a big hospital or even a forest, in up to 8 vs. 8 matches!

Will you take or save lives in the first ever FPSS (First Person Saver/Suicider)?

  • Online Multiplayer matches for up to 16 players (8 vs. 8)
  • Save your enemies as a Savior. How good are you at keeping others safe?
  • Kill yourself as a Suicider. How fast can you die?
  • Craft your tools of death. Razors made out of toothbrushes. Auto-combustion kit made from Zippos. Creativity is the key.
  • 6 ways to die, each one with its corresponding life-saver tool. Die like you always wanted to IRL (!?).
  • Sedate and confine retirees. No real senior citizens were harmed in the making of this game.
  • Awesome power-ups for Saviors to get special abilities, and crazy instant-death items for Suiciders to cut the job short.
  • Cooperation is the key. Help your friends die, or save everyone.

Teslim Saati