During each new solstice, when the brightest planets are aligned with Calçoene’s Megaliths, there is a moment when legends stop being just legends. The large crescent moon opens the door to the most anticipated competition for those who live in the shadows. Awakened, sinister creatures appear across the vastness of Brazil, fiercely vying for the post of the greatest nightmare of all time.

Spookyard is a local 2D multiplayer computer game that has different and competitive dynamics for each arena, offering game modes that can vary within the topdown and sidescroll camera styles.

Players can choose from four characters, each with their own abilities, basic attacks, and attributes to deal with in four different target arenas. The character mechanics boils down to movement, basic attack, and ability commands.

Spookyard is a Party game and Arena Multiplayer that offers as a differential the focus on the challenges and dynamics proposed in each stage, instead of eliminating opponents in combat. The winner is the one who manages to fulfill the goals of the game mode, which vary in each one of the arenas. The players use the skills of their characters to create strategies that can overcome the challenges of the levels and hinder their opponents.

The game was developed in 2017 by undergraduate students in the research laboratory ICAD / VisionLab of the Computer Science Department of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). Students from Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Industrial Design were engaged on this project aiming to create their first ever arena game.

Teslim Saati