Spacecats with Lasers : The Outerspace

Spacecats with Lasers : The Outerspace is a twin-stick shooter that adds a new chapter to the Spacecats with Lasers “meow-verse”.

The evil space rats locked you up in their space arena and your only hope is to fight as many waves as possible. The arena is endless but you can at least brag to your friends that you’re on the top of the leaderboards.

To be the ultimate Spacecat survivor you’ll have at your disposal several perks and power-ups. We believe that being fashionable is just as important, so you’ll be able to customize your cat with different items that can be unlocked along the way.

Spacecats with Lasers : The Outerspace features different difficulties so, no matter if you’re just looking for a good time or a nerve wracking bullet hell, we got you covered!.


  • Fast paced twin-stick action with endless waves of enemies!
  • Online Leaderboards, be the ultimate Spacecat survivor!
  • Several power-ups and upgrades for your Spacecats!
  • In-game currency for unlockable customization items (ships, hats and fur colors)
  • Pulsating Original Soundtrack by Meowsician Thiago Adamo

Teslim Saati