Sorry. (Entschuldigung) ~ A Psychological Horror Visual Novel
WARNING! Entschuldigung is a dark, psychological horror story that contains disturbing themes. Dive into another era and rummage through the enigmatic psyche of a disturbed young man struggling with his inner demons to see if you can piece together his reality.
This is far from a typical visual novel!
For an optimal experience, read this haunting novella alone in a dark room.

You’re trying to find your place in a foreign land that brims with an undercurrent of anxiety as the war rapidly approaches. Your search for sanctuary is misguided as you become infatuated with an out-of-place, grand old house. Not only does it hold many unsettling secrets of its own deep within its walls, more importantly, it’ll serve as a blighted vessel into the murky depths of your own soul.
...The question is, are you ready for what lies ahead?

With light sources scarce, you are equipped with an old gas lamp to explore the secretive hallways and bedrooms. Possessions once loved by its inhabitants now sit there forgotten, but no longer. If you see something interesting, click on it! Objects of note you have discovered are added to the gallery where you can read a related diary entry which will provide a glimpse into the protagonist’s unsettling past.

Entschuldigung features Achievements, Trading Cards, Profile Backgrounds, Badges and Emoticons which are exclusive to the Steam release. Please note that you have the option to switch the diary-style font to a plain alternative in the preferences menu.

To learn a little about our protagonist in advance of reading the story, be sure to visit the website linked to the right for a chance to read exclusive diary excerpts.

Teslim Saati