Shine’s Adventures 5(World Of Box)
Girls came to a world of box. The robot NPC in here has an abnormality. We must sanction against these NPCs.
In combat, players need to eliminate blocks to launch skills. You can combine blocks to get props and skills, or you can gain extra abilities through passive skills.

You can upgrade your favorite characters and choose their talents.

Equipment is a good way to improve your ability, divided into weapons and protective gear.

Protective gear can improve the player’s defense against bullets, explosions and laser weapons.
The items are divided into two categories: ordinary and super.

Explore can expand your backpack, add your items, and update your gear.

When exploring, you need to carefully observe the mines buried on the ground, if you don’t want someone to sacrifice.
If you defeat the enemies you encounter, you can get even more powerful skills and equipment.

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