Shine’s Adventures 6 (Go! Girls)
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Shine is back.This game is the sixth project in this series.

You can play a racing game in sea with a group of cute girls wearing swimwear.
This time, in addition to the catgirls,there are many bunny girls who are also your opponents.

1.This is an action game.It supports multiplayer fighting.You can experience the feeling that you played bumper cars when you were a child.You can attack your opponents by hitting and launching bombs.You will win the game when all enemies fall into the sea.

2.The characters will wear swimsuits in this game.There are 15 characters.You can unlock their CGs after you win the game.(You can take photos when the characters are falling into the water.)

3.There are 35 maps and 70 stages in the game.Maps have different shapes.Stages have variety of different items.

4.There are many weapons and items in game.Reasonable choice will make you more powerful.

5.The game has single player mode and local multiplayer mode.At present, 4 person can split screen to battle in the game.

6.If you pass all stages,you can continue to play survival mode.

If you have "ShineG In Bumpercat" in your library,I will give you the key of this game.(An account can only receive one key)
Please send a screenshot of your account name and library to
Please name the theme of E-mail is "Give me Shine6".
I will give you the key of this game after I confirm it.

PS.After receiving the e-mail,I need to apply for this game’s keys from Steam.So,it will take me a little time.Please wait patiently.

Teslim Saati