Shine’s Adventures 0 (Zombies Reload)
This is a reload version of [ShineG In The Zombies]. This game uses the same engine as [Shine’s Adventures 2], and the graphics will be greatly improved.
This game will use the basic gameplay of [ShineG In The Zombies], survival and exploration will be the theme of the game again. Different from the old game, this game will use the function of the big map, you can explore more places, find more items and weapons.

The game is currently in EA version. Over the next period of time, I’ll update the game frequently, including new maps, items, weapons and game rules.
Please do not turn off the automatic update of this game.

Shine woke up in an unfamiliar place, and she found many horrible zombies around. In order to survive, Shine needs to explore this unfamiliar place. She needs to collect weapons, medicines, items and so on.Everything is to survive.
This is a survival shooting game.There are much gameplay. Including horizontal action games, clear version shooting games, roguelike, ARPG.
you can use a lot of weapons and items to kill zombies.If you run out of ammo,you can also use magic, or control assistants to continue to attack.
It will be the most exciting zombie game you have played.You will be very happy because there are many zombies.If you like this game then you can play for a long time.

New map system

New items

Teslim Saati