Seventh Knight PC Security

Seventh Knight PC Security Quick Facts:

Replace your outdated Antivirus technology on every PC that you own (up to 3 machines) with the latest patented technology. This product is based on a patented "Generation 3" whitelisting (with sandbox) technology to protect against advanced threats that anti-virus cannot. Gaming Accelerator 2 utility that boots Windows into a special Gaming Mode is included. Most users will experience smoother gameplay and a slight FPS increase.

  • Protect your PC from zero-day “ransomware” attacks like WannaCry 2.0 and CryptoLocker.
  • Seventh Knight protection does not slow down your PC by constantly scanning files or downloading updates.
  • Built on a patented “whitelisting” engine.
  • Set a password to help prevent kids from infecting the PC while playing Games or browsing.
  • No more anti-virus software renewals! This version will not expire.

Please Note:

This product WILL NOT clean an already infected computer.
Designed to help keep a clean computer infection free.

Gaming Accelerator 2 Quick Facts:

  • Simple on/off operation with “Maximum Boost” preset.
  • Completely different from competitors such as system optimizers.
  • Get more performance from your existing hardware.
  • No spyware, excess programs, or pop-up ads.
  • Remembers custom settings for programs in Gaming Mode.
  • Typical Performance Boost 10%-40% (Results vary by machine)
  • This version will not expire. No annual renewal required!

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