Rock ’N Roll: G.E.O.S. Wars
Rock ’N Roll G.E.O.S. Wars offers exciting new battles to save the Earth from both asteroids and enemy forces looking to destroy it! Team up locally on the same PC to work together as a team or invite a friend to work as a partner to help you save the Earth through Steam remote play!

Co-op in G.E.O.S. Wars will test both your ability to work together and face the many threats to Earth to save humanity once again from the threats of asteroids and alien attack! Having enough M.E.S.A. (Mass Energy Shield Augmentation) to protect both yourself and revive your teammate should they perish will always be a priority! Smart and fast decision making will be crucial to the success of saving humanity from a fiery end in the co-op mode!

It’s a given that every hero has his foes, and Rock ’N Roll G.E.O.S. Wars offers your the opportunity to battle a friend locally at your PC or through Steam via remote play with over a dozen different versus modes! Options will allow you to choose exactly how your Player VS Player battles will be played out. Do you want asteroids? Will the asteroids reflect your bullets or be destroyed by your bullets? Will the main objective be to simply shoot your opponent directly or to reflect bullets into him off of asteroids or border walls? Maybe you’d rather face your opponent instead in a true test of heroism to show the entire human population which one of you can best save the Earth? G,E.O.S. gems are the Galactic Emeralds of Sacrifice that will have to be earned, captured, and perhaps even stolen from your opponent in a wild space battle to prove you’re the better space fighter in "G.E.O.S. Wars"!

Teslim Saati