R.A.T.S. (Regulatory Astro-Topographical Stabilizer)
As a Steam approved educational project, R.A.T.S. was created by a team of programming, art, and audio engineering students over a period of 5 months at Full Sail University.

In the future, the Galactic Alliance have found a way to use stellar phenomena to harness renewable energy for the galaxy. Unfortunately, a group of mercenaries who want to see the end of the Galactic Alliance are trying to make these stars go supernova, as a way of overtaking the Galactic Alliance and ultimately, rule the galaxy themselves. You take control of the Regulatory Astro-Topographical Stabilizer, a ship that uses a heavy arsenal to defend these stars at all costs. Your mission is to eliminate the enemy forces, take their ships’ energy and overload the power-leeching pylons in order to prevent the star from being destroyed!

This Game Features

  • 30 Exciting Levels
  • 3 Upgradeable Weapons
  • Epic Boss Battles
  • Beat Detection For the Exciting Soundtrack
  • 7 Unique and Challenging Enemy Types
  • An Addictive Gameplay Experience

About I.E.D. Studios

Incendiary Entertainment Division Studios is dedicated to helping transition students into professionals by empowering education through experience.

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