Punch the Potus
Have you ever listened to the president spout inane drivel and powerlessly just held your head in your hands and cringed? Do you sit aghast and completely appalled at the things he says on a daily basis? Have you ever just just wanted to haul off and slap him senseless? Well, now you can. As our POTUS quips some of his most enraging and incoherent quotes you can use your mouse to punch him into submission.

The cathartic feeling of joy you will experience being able to shut him up is worth the measly cost of this game.

You can play this game while standing in the long line waiting to vote. You can play this game when after he loses the election he challenges the results in every state. You can play this game as he engages in a scorched earth vendetta for losing the election. Hopefully, you will not have to play this game for four more years but if need be we will continue to make enhancements for you :) If you like this game or support our POTUS we will be adding other characters as well.

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