Pole of Cold
For the first time, a group of scientists in Antarctica managed to get ice samples aged over 4 mln years. When studying the samples, they found spores of an ancient unicellular organism, never discovered by science before.

The employee handling the samples got infected with an unknown organism. The further fate of the group is unknown.

You play for an employee of the polar station in Pole of Cold. Explore it and find a way to escape death. Thousands of kilometers, severe frosts and deadly monsters are between you and salvation.

  • You have one try only; the game starts over after you die.
  • Hiding and fighting is no use – run if you want to survive! Remember the location of the rooms to avoid getting into a dead end; lock the doors behind you when escaping – this will slow down the enemy.
  • Be careful: the enemy is not alone, and they act together.

Teslim Saati