Playground Heroes

Special message from "Playground Heroes" Team:

About the Game

Control the children’s mood, hygiene, hunger, energy and physical health. Watch their well-being, otherwise, kids true power may manifest itself, making it difficult for everyone. However, any power can be stopped, sometimes you will have to use a fire extinguisher, and sometimes a shovel.

Invite friends to play together on the couch co-op or to play multiplayer and celebrate chaos. Each player has different skills, one is better at cooking, the other at repairing. Split tasks to provide the best daycare possible.

Take care of their needs by cooking meals and keeping them clean.
Repair broken furniture during the game and clean dirt that our little heroes leave behind.
Remember to manage their energy level which is controlled my sleeping and eating. And have fun singing or dancing.

Not only the mood of children is important, but also the condition of the house, such as damage or dirt.
Plan ahead, keep track of all stats and remember that everything might happen during the last seconds.

Teslim Saati