Pixel Stories of Dungeon

Pixel Stories of Dungeon is a dungeon crawler game with roguelike elements inspired by the Mystery Dungeon series. It’s a difficult game and will offer you many exciting battles.
You will face many dangerous enemies, will you be able to prove you are a real Hero?

In the citadel where you live a tournament was held to decree a new Hero, will you be up to the challenge?
The citadel is animated by many characters, some of them will need your help to reach their goals. Thanks to them, you will have access to legendary equipment, weapons, skills or pets as well as knowing their history.

You will find yourself fighting your battles inside the Dungeons, mysterious and also very dangerous places, full of monsters ready to kill you!
Someone tells of having also sighted the Grim Reaper and other figures very sinister and without mercy...

But luckily you will have a huge arsenal of weapons and equipment and also the opportunity to learn and create many powerful Skills.
And do not forget that you can always count on the help of your trusty Pet, which you can also take care of and grow with the help of your mother. Make a strong bond with him and respect him, because he will always be faithful to you until death!

We are two guys from Milan, founders and independent developers of PowerGaelic.
The passion for videogames has led us to develop this videogame, despite our inexperience, with only our strengths and resources we managed to turn the dream into reality.

Teslim Saati