Paths & Danger
In the lands of Lorhaven, a foul mist descended upon the town of Westwall, bringing disease and death. Townsfolk speak of witchcraft...
Meanwhile, banditry and opportunistic scums try to take advantage of the dark state of the world to fill their pockets.

Aid is called, all sorts of people answered.
Fighters, mercenaries, mages, all are looking for either fame, glory, and riches.

This is where your adventure begins.
You are one of these adventurous that answered the call.

Paths & Danger is a procedural turn-based RPG where the goal is to complete the quests you choose to embark on.
To complete each quest, you must travel many paths in which you have to deal with random encounters and different situations and make the best of it.

Upon completing many quests, you must hire and recruit new members for your party, each one with different skills. You can also increase the success of your adventures by improving your character’s gear and equipment. Plus, pack up all sorts of potions and loot to help you along the journey.

Find your way to the Witches lair and obliterate the dark sorcery that spreads across Westwall.

Main Features
- Lead groups of different heroes, each one with unique abilities
- Manage your heroes stats to get the stronger
- Deal with dangerous circumstances and quests
- Fight in a strategic turn-based combat system on a hex grid
- Deep atmospheric environment that suits different world places
- Emerge in a diverse stunning dark fantasy world
- Roguelike features, including permadeath (if the main hero is killed, it can’t be brought to life)
- Procedural map generation giving endless replay

The witches believe that their power gives them the right to govern and subjugate the common folk. Are you capable of proving them otherwise?

Teslim Saati