Oasis VR
Oasis is a virtual world where you make friends.

What can you do?
Go clubbing or hunting with your new friends, or watch movies or ball games in a pub.
Plenty of FPS/Simulation/Puzzle games for you to play and meet new players.
Also, you can build your private worlds and invite friends to share it with you.

Join "Oasis" to make friends and create your dream world!


Brand New Home System!

Easily design your home with the new Oasis Studio. This will be a unique private space that you can cherish. Whether you want to work alone on your farmland or make good memories with your friends, it’s all possible in your very own home!

Create Avatars without Limit!

In Oasis, only you have the power to decide who you are and what you look like. You can be Lolita, a MechWarrior, Godzilla, and more! Anything you imagine can be transformed into your virtual avatar in the game.

Real and Enjoyable Social Communication!

Oasis applies full-space 3D audio chat for you to enjoy immersive social scenes with your own actions and facial expressions. Oasis embodies a truly social experience with a variety of facial expressions and body movements in its virtual world! In this world, you can find friends who are as cool as you are and talk to each other across borders. With so many different in-game scenes, making friends is a flexible and joyful experience!

Full-Body Tracking!

Use your VR devices for extra fun! Real social and virtual interaction tracks and captures your eyes, mouth, and body movements!

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You can also check our “Create” site for instructions on how to create in-game.

Teslim Saati