Lonely Red Night
One day, the sky and the moon turned red. The protagonist of amnesia was in unknown places, and the exploration started

Find clues and keep moving forward, you can find something. While understanding the world, remember who you are and what you are going to do

After you get the items, use them at the right time. After solving all kinds of puzzles, the truth will appear in front of you

Press and hold WSAD to move back and forth, press e to investigate

There may be new findings after investigation in any suspicious place

In the course of the investigation, there will be mysterious messages

These messages can help us get more information about the world

In the game, just untie all kinds of mechanisms, keep moving forward, collect more information, and finally There will be amazing discoveries!

There is no failure in the game, so you can do anything at ease!

If you find too dark place, press the space bar to turn on the flashlight!


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Teslim Saati