liteCam Game 5: 120 FPS Game Capture + Streamer
Discover the Ultimate Game Recorder: liteCam Game - 120 FPS Game Capture & Stream!

‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ is a next-gen game recorder and Live Streaming software for Steam users. ‘liteCam Game: 120FPS Game Capture’ has a minimal impact on actual game performance while recording at up to 120 FPS, plus you’re now able to Live Stream directly to Twitch or Youtube! Record most DirectX 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and OpenGL games such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Need for Speed, GTA , Grid 2 and many more with minimal lag.

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Why ’liteCam Game: 120FPS Game Capture’ is the best game recording software?

1. liteCam Game ensures that your recorded game video has a stunning HD vibrantly colored. By default, it captures your game footage at 120 FPS for the smoothest videos.

2. liteCam Game has designed an easy-to-use interface to record gameplay instantly. Plus, easily record your webcam video with live commentary, so there is no need to look for additional webcam recording software.

3. liteCam Game has no time limit on capturing your game play with a small HD file size.

4. Customize the recording options. liteCam Game allows you to import your preferred codec and use it to record your gameplay.

5. liteCam Game saves the recorded videos in AVI or MP4 file format.

6. liteCam Game does not require the video editing software. Simply trim the part of your recorded videos in the preview mode and add video titles, ending credits and your pictures quickly.

Please note that ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ might drop frames when recording if your computer becomes overburdened or the game play limit FPS less than 120 FPS. Here is recommended hardware spec to improve performance:

Intel Core i7 and above
Intel Core i5 4670 and above

Graphic card/Video card:
GetForce GTX 760 and above
Radeon R9 270X and above

For Windows 7 and above
Use SSD storage

Amazing Features from ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture & Stream’

Game Recording: Capture any game play with ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’. It can Capture most DirectX 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and OpenGL games
Video Recording: ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ can record any video on the user computer screen. Record videos from YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and etc
Trimming: ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ is equipped with a simple trimming tool. User can trim any video they recorded.
Adding logos, credits, and title: No other recording software can let you add logos, credits, and title except ’liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’.
Converting Tools: ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ produces AVI video files. At the same time with ’liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ you can convert recorded videos to MP4 or WMV
Webcam --> PIP: ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ has a PIP function for users to show their active speech while capturing Game play or recording videos. This will surely build up the trust on your videos.
Upload to YouTube: ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ can directly upload recorded videos to YouTube.
Timer Recording: ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ can help you schedule your video recording. You can set ’liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ to record any video you want.
Hotkey Recording: ‘liteCam Game: 120 FPS Game Capture’ will let you use Hotkeys to help provide an easier and usually quicker method of navigating when recording Games.
Screen Capture: User can capture screenshots of videos and games and save them as PNG, BMP, or JPG files format

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