LIGHT NITE is a multiplayer third person shooter with in-game rewards and a minimalistic low-poly & cartoonish design offering several game modes like team deathmatch or a battle-royale game mode for soloQ and squads teamplay .

There is a competitive mode where players instantly earn or lose their assets in the arena. All in-game items and gear are tokenized in a blockchain using the Bitcoin sidechain Liquid. There is also a casual mode where players just play for fun and prestige and there is no items loot.

This means items have a strong real value that players are able to increase as they win battles while decreasing scarcity, and then trade their profits in a public marketplace.

Light Nite also allows players:

  • Leverage their years of play time into a Bitcoin wallet
  • Secure uniqueness of in-game items through a scarcity system enabled by its tokenization system: no unlimited editions of skins, all of them accounted for
  • Use a decentralized Marketplace, allowing players to trade items from any of the game directly with other players

Teslim Saati