Legion TD 2 - Multiplayer Tower Defense


  • Multiplayer 2v2 and 4v4 competitive strategy game
  • Single player and cooperative modes against bots of varying difficulties
  • Weekly single player challenges
  • Global Servers: Compete against players from around the world
  • 100+ unique fighters (towers), 20 mercenaries, 21 waves, 8 legions, Mastermind (draftable fighters), Hybrid, and Chaos builders (randomized fighters)
  • Matchmaking, reconnecting, anti-leaver/AFK/griefer detection, leaderboards, collectibles, achievements, player profiles, match history, and stat-tracking
  • Custom games for tournaments, in-houses, and 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 games
  • Balanced for competitive play with frequent balance patches
  • Monthly content and feature updates
  • Absolutely no pay-to-win mechanics


It’s like a tower defense, but instead of building towers, you deploy dynamic fighters that come to life and move, attack, and cast spells automatically. Defend your lane against waves of enemies and hire mercenaries to attack your opponents. To win, you must defeat the opposing team’s king before they defeat yours. From start to finish, a match lasts around 20 minutes.


Legion TD 2 is the standalone sequel to the popular Warcraft III mod, Legion TD, which also inspired StarCraft II’s Squadron TD. Legion TD is one of the most played Wc3 mods of all time, second only to DotA. Legion TD 2 is made by the same team that created the original mod.


Legion TD 2 is made by an indie team of 4 friends: Brent ’Lisk’ Batas, Julian ’Jules’ Gari, Jean ’Curing’ Go, and Dani. Lisk and Jules have been best friends for over 22 years and have been playing and designing games together since they were kids.

Teslim Saati