International Tennis Open
This game was originally released on CDi, Mac, and PC formats in the mid-1990s.

You can choose one of 9 nations to represent in this game. You also get to play singles against a wide variety of opponents by choosing practice mode, quick match, or tournament. Practice your tennis skills first, then move onto a quick match which allows you to select your opponent (pick one of 4 fictional players) and the type of court surface (concrete, grass, clay). Finally move onto tournament mode where you can select a host city from around the world and start playing from the quarter-finals onto the final!

The action is viewed from a 3rd-person perspective, and the in-game graphics are 2D rotoscoped-animated sprites.

Original reviews of the game stated –

PC Gamer – ‘But even with all its multimedia flash, International Tennis Open is first and foremost a fast-paced, challenging sports sim and a solid computer game, rivalled only by 1992’s Jimmy Connors’ Pro Tennis Tour. It’s a shining example of what multimedia entertainment should be.’

PC Joker – ‘It is not for nothing that the version for the CD-i was awarded as the best European multimedia entertainment product - it is not for nothing that the International Tennis Open is now also at the top of the world rankings on the PC!’

Teslim Saati