I’m a love interest in my childhood friend’s reverse harem!!!
A not-so-generic otome game with BL possibilities.

Instead of playing the heroine and choosing between several men that have typical dating-sim personalities, you play as the childhood friend. That’s right! The route that’s usually the easiest to complete is no longer available. You (Geum Park) are thrust into the world of a reverse harem, where your precious childhood friend (Emily Carter) is being hit on by two of your classmates (Ao Yazawa and Hong Yang Chan). You can choose to either play the role of a love interest and try to win the heroine’s heart, or... you can play your own game and try to make the two boys fall for you instead! The choice is yours!

Please note, this game takes place in Australia. There are instances of Aussie slang and references to Australian culture. In some routes the characters also speak in different languages to each other.

The game features:
  • a spin on your average otome game
  • 40k+ word count in total
  • female and male love interests (3 in total)
  • original music and sfx
  • animated chibis
  • mini-games that can unlock different scenes
  • ​choices that unlock different scenes and endings
  • over 10 different endings to discover
  • unlockable polyamory route when certain conditions are met
  • much more!!

Teslim Saati