Hubert’s Island Adventure: Mouse o’ War
Zip and zap your way to victory!

Hubert’s Island Adventure: Mouse o’ War is a 2D sidescrolling-platformer-action-adventure game set on a tropical island. You will control Hubert, or one of his friends, in a quest to rescue the kidnapped Sally and save the Island from the dread pirate Dakkar. However, Dakkar has covered the Island in traps and henchmen, and it will be no easy task defeating him and his 4 lieutenants! Hubert’s lovely picnic lunch has also been scattered across the Island, and it will be up to you to find the lost leaves and cheese.

Work alone or with your friends in cooperative multiplayer mode! Can you recover the leaves and cheese, defeat Dakkar and his cronies, and save both Sally and the entire Island? Find out now!

The game is currently available for Windows, OS X, and Linux!


  • DRM-free!
  • Low price!
  • Windows, OS X, and Linux supported!
  • Controller support!
  • Non-linear platforming action with large levels to explore!
  • Tight controls and physics!
  • Bright, colorful world to explore with tons (and tons!) of secret nooks and crannies to discover!
  • Upgrades found throughout the game that allow entry into new areas (Metroidvania style!)
  • Earn candy as you play, and spend it on crazy unlocks!
  • New Game Plus mode!
  • Myriad traps, monsters, and hazards out to destroy you!
  • Bosses to crush!
  • Detailed stats on everything you do!
  • Awesome achievements to unlock!
  • Ride-able cows featuring Positional Mooing technology!
  • Survival Mode, in which you attempt to... survive!
  • Cooperative (local) multiplayer for both Adventure and Survival mode!
  • (Very rough) level editor available!
  • Game engine is open source!

Teslim Saati