Hide & Spook: The Haunted Alchemist
Hide & Spook is a party game for 3 players for the HTC Vive!

The Alchemist wears the headset, while the two Ghosts take a controller each and sneak around the room trying to extinguish the candles, using the controller vibrations to locate the candles by feel!

The alchemist tries to "catch" them by staring at them and thus dispelling them from this earthly dimension, returning the ghosts to whence they came!
Game Features:
  • The layout of the alchemist’s lab changes every time you play!
  • The alchemist’s lab scales to fit your room space, from small to large and in between.
  • Great local-multiplayer game for kids and adults alike!

This is a simple 3 player party game, set in a single room!
It is recommended that you have a clear space about 2m x 2m, or larger.


Hide & Spook began it’s spooky life as a game jam game, as part of the Global Game Jam 2016.

Since then, we gave it a bit of a spit polish, so you fine VR enthusiasts can try something a bit different with your HTC Vives.

  • Game design and production: Murray Lorden and Tyler Perry.
  • Programming by: Andrew Giannopoulos, James Whyte, Tyler Perry, Josh Leo.
  • Music by Aaron C Edwards.


Teslim Saati