Heart Of Muriet

Experience the land of Muriet and reunite your family in this epic real-time strategy game!
It’s a game for people who like real-time strategy games, but intense micromanagement stops them from playing.

The game is currently in Pre-Alpha with many mechanics already implemented and a few still work in progress.

A demo will be available soon with all the core features and a limited set of maps.

Troop formations and workers can be managed with ease. No selection of single units, control entire formations or all the workers at a specific base.

Build a variety of buildings, from barracks to transportation portals and upgrade them the way you want.

Research and use powerful spells for your Seneer Wizard to turn the tide of battles!

Play at your own pace; time can be stopped at any time; manage your large army and its formation. Select which unit and building types to attack.

Use the in-game editor to create and share maps with other players.

  • A story-driven single-player campaign.
  • Additional units and barracks for the Seener faction.
  • Conquer ancient bases of NPC factions with abundant loot.
  • More research options to improve buildings and units.
  • More spells to research for the Seneer Wizard.
  • Heroes, which will be the spell casters in your attacking armies.
  • A greater variety of defence buildings.
  • Share your own maps with other players.
  • Additional sub-quests and interesting map win conditions.
  • Squads gain experience, level up and improve your army.

  • New Faction: "The Resistance". Includes Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings and creatures of the dark.
  • New Faction: "Mother Nature". Includes a variety of animal and plant creatures.
  • Story-driven campaign for each faction.
  • Stealth feature - additional units/buildings and spells for each of the factions.
  • Multiplayer!

Teslim Saati