Flat Earth Simulator


The following presentation might include information that is highly contested by the established consensus. The information will be presented as it stands by the flat earth theory.

About the Game

Is the earth a globe? Why do you think that? Does your everyday life confirm that fact? Explore the alternative of the Flat Earth Simulator! An interactive simulation of the day and night cycle on a flat earth with information waypoints all over the terran plane.

Explore the reason why space programs are faked and learn about the great antarctic ice wall and ascend into the highest layers of the Atmoplane. This unbiased look upon the information and arguments of the Flat-Earth-Theory.

This is not simply a game or a visual experience it is a simulation of the day/night cycles on a Flat Earth.

This experience includes:
  • 15 Minutes of informative voice over
  • 6 Waypoints to explore all aspects of the flat earth
  • Flat Earth cycle simulation

This game stands in no association to the Flat-Earth-Society or any other organisation promoting the Flat-Earth Theory. It was created by an independent team of free thinking individuals.

Teslim Saati